Watch the transformation of an MCR - our mid-century ranch

Watch the transformation of an MCR - our mid-century ranch
Built in 1957 as the model home for the development. 1796 sqft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Introducing K and Her iPhone Photos of the House

Front of the house - Glad to know we have security, I had no clue. My sweetie K took all these pics on her new iPhone and zapped them to me thanks to that new technology called: 'The Internet.' We are really excited to get in and tinker away. We are glad there aren't any total reconstruction projects except maybe the den. Anyway this gives you some more looks at the place.

Master bath - Sorry for the darkness, all the pics were taken with an iPhone so the colors and brightness may be off a little.

Master bath featuring gray tile and flowery insets. Hmmm.

Second bath - The cabinets are at an angle in - so you don't stub your toes I suppose. The tile is a cream/butter cream color, not white. I like the floor.

More tile

Better view of the bath.

The minty sink - good stuff.

The minty loo.

The minty tub.

You can see how the cabinets angle in a little bit better here.

A final bathroom shot.

We have 12 of these things in each corner of each of the bedrooms. They are molded plaster so they aren't going anywhere. If anyone knows anything about these things or have any suggestion about how to cover them that would be greatly appreciated. Corinthian column capitals aren't my favorite look but that's cool. Things like these are what led us to believe the realtor when she said this was the model house with all the bells and whistles. I doubt everyone in the neighborhood ordered these things.

Built in planter/bookshelf in the front room. This is what I mean about the house having little flourishes of MCM but is still a MCR at heart.

Front door - a little too Spanish for my tastes but we'll see.

Kitchen - linoleum floor - will have to be dealt with eventually.

The curly cue wood tracery is actually growing on me a little.

Kitchen again.

This is the front entryway tile that runs all the way to the den. It actually looks better in this photo. In real life it looks more like linoleum. This will be a tough decision what to do with this. Some of it looks a little cracked so the decision might be made for us. We'll see.

Back yard - not big but habitable. And unlike our old backyard I won't have a junior coronary mowing it.

Driveway has a turnaround when you back out of the double garage.

Back entrance into the den - concrete.

Back fire pit area and back fence.

Ceiling patterning and the plaster molded crown molding. All the living areas and bedrooms have this ceiling treatment - except the den which is, groan, popcorn. We'll have to address that for sure. Asbestos anyone?

Front bay window with a low planter - this is another bell and whistle. I don't know if anything would grow back there.

One of the plant 'balls.' They aren't really symmetrical. This one is raised and the other one grows from the ground. They will be addressed too. I like that we have a light there to play with / swap out.

The bedroom mural is in an infants room. This will be the studio so the mural might actually stay around as I cover it to work on my paintings. The cat may stay for a bit.

It is fun to find things in your new house.

This is the original timer switch for the attic / night air fan. Basically you open your windows at night and turn it on and it sucks out the hot air and pulls in cool air. The timer turns it off sometime in the night. When you get up you close the windows to trap in the cooler air. Pretty cool if it works.

Another molding shot with ceiling patterns.

Built in / planter with entrance way tile.

Front room / dining area. We may put the table in front of the front window as there is more space for a full sized table as opposed to the dining nook where the chandelier [which will be gone soon] is.


  1. Actually babe, the shrub balls both grow out of the ground.

  2. AH - but isn't one a raised bed? No?

  3. We had an attic fan growing up, they really do work. But in dallas you may only use it in December!!!