Watch the transformation of an MCR - our mid-century ranch

Watch the transformation of an MCR - our mid-century ranch
Built in 1957 as the model home for the development. 1796 sqft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Acquisitions & New Poll

We've acquired a few items over the last few weeks and I thought I would post them. This end table we found at an estate sale. Everything else was totally granny and nothing worked for us. Then we spied this table by the bed. It was listed for $30 but I went back the next day for 50% off and scored it for $15. Not too bad as it is in near mint shape.

** Please note that we have a new poll just to the right at the top of the blog. We are trying to decide what sort of flooring to put into the den and the kitchen. We are definitely interested in what y'all have to say about the flooring so please vote and let your voice be heard!

This painting was another estate sale score. I was walking around the house and I looked up on the wall and had an 'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!' moment. What solidified the deal was the piece of blue tape that said it was $7 and we were on 50% off by that point so I scooped the painting up for $3.50. For some reason I have an affinity for nautical works of art and we have been looking for some good [relative term I know] 50's art that won't set us back an arm and a leg.

We have been landing some really great deals lately at estate and yard sales.

And finally I received these two cool candlesticks for an early birthday present from L. They look really groovy on the TV credenza and we have definitely been putting them to good use.