Watch the transformation of an MCR - our mid-century ranch

Watch the transformation of an MCR - our mid-century ranch
Built in 1957 as the model home for the development. 1796 sqft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The House Numbers!!!

Here they are - 3 out of 4 of them at least. They are the floating numbers like the ones we have on our NC house. I know they are store bought from Home Depot, but I just couldn't spend $48 / number as I've seen on some websites. Granted they are cool numbers but at $5.99 apiece these numbers are cool too. So lets do the math: 4 x $48 = $192 vs [4 x $5.99] + 8% tax = $25.88. I think I won out there.

As I was walking out of the Home Depot I realized that our house in NC has a '0' and a '4' in it - the same floating numbers. So my conniving self began to think about taking the numbers down and saving $12.50. But then I thought better as the house is under contract and the numbers are technically 'fixtures,' that is, attached to the house. I'd hate to scotch a deal over a couple of house numbers. So I walked to my car happy with the four numbers I had found.

We are already trying to figure where and how we plan to place the numbers. We thought about a square pattern - two numbers on top and two numbers directly below. We will probably mount the numbers on a painted piece of wood - possibly stained - we'll see. I don't want to get paralyzed by all the possibilities of where some numbers might go but I do feel it is an important decision. Not everyone will see the master bedroom but almost everyone looking for your house for the first time will see the numbers. They are like the business card / first impression of your house. Interesting.

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