Watch the transformation of an MCR - our mid-century ranch

Watch the transformation of an MCR - our mid-century ranch
Built in 1957 as the model home for the development. 1796 sqft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lamest Before and Afters Ever Plus Some Other Stuff



Yes I swapped out the mailbox - country for gray cool. An improvement. It felt good to twist a screwdriver again.

Sedona's new watering hole.



Yes..... I removed the louvered doors. I was left exhausted.

Boxes left after one night of unpacking. There are still boxes to go through but they are down to a more respectable number.

Jerome is proud of his new collar - He disappeared for a day and scared us half to death. And then as cats will do he magically reappeared as if nothing had happened and demanded to be fed and petted. And he has liberated himself from his collar as well.

I plopped my keys down one day and this is how they landed - pretty cool I thought.

The Studio: Day One. It feels good to get the studio back up and humming. I've had a couple of good working days. Today was a little lackluster for some unknown reason.

K did a super job on the lawn - here is part of her job.

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